Pick Up the Phone

It has never been more important to pick up the phone when you have prospects and existing clients calling. This is especially true for service businesses. Although the demographic that would prefer to call is shrinking, it is imperative to answer the call or text in order to answer the question and schedule the appointment.

Going Down the Search List

Why aren’t you answering the phone? In the middle of a task/job, not interested in anymore work/lazy; are some of the possibilities that come to mind.

Potential customers are searching online and going down the list of business that match their search. They go item by item until someone or something answers their questions and schedules their appointment. If you don’t have people in your business ready to answer those calls (voice or text) they will go right down the list until someone does.

With the advent of internet search it is too easy to go down a list of businesses that would be able to serve the customer if they simply has a way to answer the phone.

Setup Automation

Automation can answer the following questions:
What time are you closing?
Tell me your prices?
What time can you be here?
What do you do?
Do you have any left?

Questions like these can be answered with an automated system voice or text system. Some questions about inventory can be answered with sophisticated inventory tracking software and a accompanied website. Most questions are best answered by someone in the company taking calls whether that is by phone or text so you can influence, set expectations, up sell and build rapport with the customer.

More Expensive Than Necessary

The auto industry knows this and has implemented entire departments to handle calls, log information about the caller and routes them to the relevant department. This is a lengthy process because they want a lot of information. I am sure most of the callers stay on the phone because at least they are being put on hold (just yet) and they aren’t stuck in some endless automated menu system listening to a recording.

Calls, Text and Automation

  1. Calls – the best ways to answer calls is by providing the caller with a menu of options so they can narrow down where they are trying to get to before they get to the group where the caller will best get their questions answered.

Challenges to answer calls is a cost problem. You don’t have the money or want to spend the money allowing your customers to talk to someone. Some companies care so little for their customers they don’t even give them a way to talk to anyone within their company. As far as they are concerned if you have problems and a robot can’t resolve your problems then you should find another company to do business with.

Our solution is to provide you with a very flexible way to get those calls answered by making it very easy to avoid having to spend money on a office space and giving multiple people the ability to help you answer phones no matter where those people reside with our Virtual Call Center.

There are a few technologies that you could implement to sort callers. You can use automated systems for voice and text which will delay the callers a little and in some cases answer the simple questions like; when do you close and what do you do? We have automated voice systems that can help answer some questions in voice and text. We have the ability for your phone service to be directed to anyone in or out of your office. You can use the virtual call center to allow part time workers to answer the phones when you need someone to take calls. The people who make up a virtual call center can use any phone they have. No need to buy any hardware to use the Telemojo phone services.

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