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Conference Room (outside callers)

You need to be on a call to use this feature.  Once on a call:

1. Dial *1, then the conference room number (any number between 3000-3019)
2. Hang up
3. Local extensions can join the same room if needed or more outsides callers can be transferred to the same conference room.

Note:  A blind transfer (*1) is used when you want to transfer a call to digits with more than 3 digits. Using Attended Transfer (*2) will not work because *2 is limited to 3 digit and conference rooms are 4 digits.

Faxing from Email

Typically described as email to fax, this process is described below:

  1. Open a new message as though you were going to start a new email message.
  2. Type in the fax number in the following syntax in To: field: 18005551212 followed by @myfax.com
  3. Make sure to include the 1 before the area code to get a full 10 digits.
  4. Attach files to the email message in the order you want them to show up on the other side. The attached files are the fax pages.
  5. It is best to have the order of the pages in one file to get the best results to guarantee the  page order the pages will be sent in the fax transmission.
  6. Press “Send” for the email message to be sent to the fax servers.
  7. Give it 2-3 minutes and your fax transmission will be sent to the phone number you typed in the To: field in the email.

Note: You need to have a subscription for this to work because we need to register specific email addresses that will be allowed to send and receive faxes.

Conference Call (self initiated)

There are many ways to initiate and create conference rooms.  The quickest way to initiate a conference room is to dial *3 while you are on a call.

To add more people to your conference room:
1. Press *3 to create a conference room for yourself and the current caller.
2. To add another caller to conference room, hang up on existing conference room and call someone else.  While on call with the other person press *3 again and you and the new caller will join the previous caller in conference room created earlier.
3. To add more people repeat step 2.  While you are adding callers to conference room the callers in the room will be able to talk.

Note: The conference room range of 3000 combined with the extension you’re using.  For example if you are using extension 400 the conference room that will be created when you dial *3 is 3400.

Outside Transfer

You will need to be on the phone to use this feature:

1. Press *7 while on the phone with a caller.
2. Dial a 10 digit number starting with area code and press # at the end.

The caller will be transferred to the remote phone number used.  The caller is also able to transfer calls using any of the Telemojo star codes.

Transfer with SPA

Transfer with SPA series phone:

While on a call:
1. Press the ‘xfer’ soft-key that should show up on the far right of the display.
2. Dial a number to transfer to; that number can be internal or external.
3. Press the same ‘xfer’ button to complete the transfer.

You can perform step 3 before or after the person answers the call so you may give that person a warning who you are transferring to them.  If the person you are transferring the call to doesn’t want the call you may press the red line button to return to that call.

Blind Transfer

You need to be on a call to use this feature.  Once on a call:

1. Dial *1, then the extension number
2. Hang up

Note:  A blind transfer is used when you want to transfer a call to an extension and you have no need for giving the person you are transferring the call to a warning about who is on the line for them.  To be able to warn someone of the person you are transferring to them use Call Transfer sometimes called Attended Transfer

Voicemail Transfer

You need to be on a call to use this feature.   Using this feature will transfer a call directly to a user’s voicemail box.  Once on a call:

1. Dial *4 and wait for new dial-tone.
2. Dial the extension of the voicemail box you would like to send the caller to.

This feature is useful to use either when you know someone doesn’t want to be disturbed or you know someone isn’t around to answer their phone.  Of course after 4-5 rings the caller will end up in the mailbox anyway.  *4 directs them to the voicemail box without any rings.

Call Transfer

You need to be on a call to use this feature.  Once on a call:

1. Press *2 and wait for new dial-tone which you should hear immediately.
2. Dial 3 digit extension number
3. You can hang up to transfer the call or wait on the phone to give the user at the extension a warning about who is on the phone for them.