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Remote: DND

This feature allows a remote extension to stop receiving calls by turning on Do Not Disturb. All calls that are going to your remote extension number in the 600 range. To start receiving calls again turn off the Do Not Disturb feature.

To turn ON or OFF you first need to dial your main phone number to access the system. When you get the system dial-tone enter one of the following codes.

  1. Turn ON by dialing 9979, #
  1. Turn OFF by dialing 9978, #


Unless you have a office phone like the Cisco SPA series phone there isn’t one button to turn on for DND (do not disturb). The short code to turn on and off DND is below:

To turn on:
1. Dial 9979 and press send/dial

To turn off:
1. Dial 9978 and press send/dial

If you are using a provisioned remote or mobile phone dial your main business phone number to get access the the phone system.

When you hear the dial tone dial 9979# to turn on DND

Repeat the same step but dial 9978# to turn off DND