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Unless you have a office phone like the Cisco SPA series phone there isn’t one button to turn on for DND (do not disturb). The short code to turn on and off DND is below:

To turn on:
1. Dial 9979 and press send/dial

To turn off:
1. Dial 9978 and press send/dial

If you are using a provisioned remote or mobile phone dial your main business phone number to get access the the phone system.

When you hear the dial tone dial 9979# to turn on DND

Repeat the same step but dial 9978# to turn off DND

Conference Call (self initiated)

There are many ways to initiate and create conference rooms.  The quickest way to initiate a conference room is to dial *3 while you are on a call.

To add more people to your conference room:
1. Press *3 to create a conference room for yourself and the current caller.
2. To add another caller to conference room, hang up on existing conference room and call someone else.  While on call with the other person press *3 again and you and the new caller will join the previous caller in conference room created earlier.
3. To add more people repeat step 2.  While you are adding callers to conference room the callers in the room will be able to talk.

Note: The conference room range of 3000 combined with the extension you’re using.  For example if you are using extension 400 the conference room that will be created when you dial *3 is 3400.

Hands-free Intercom

To call intercom someone within your organization and give them the ability to answer without having to pickup the phone.

1. Dial 8 + extension number
2. Press ‘Dial’/’Send’

Once you press ‘Dial’ the phone you called will be engaged and you can talk and hear the other person.  The other person won’t have to touch the phone to talk back.

Note:  This can only be done with a office phone set like the SPA series from Cisco.

Outside Transfer

You will need to be on the phone to use this feature:

1. Press *7 while on the phone with a caller.
2. Dial a 10 digit number starting with area code and press # at the end.

The caller will be transferred to the remote phone number used.  The caller is also able to transfer calls using any of the Telemojo star codes.

Conference Room

A conference room can be created by any phone on the system by dialing 3000-3019.  To create a conference room others on the system can join dial 3000, ‘Dial’/’Send’ button.   The conference room will be created and you will hear a message that you are the only person in this conference.  The user can use any conference room number in the range of 3000-3019.

Anyone else on the system can join by dialing the same conference room number.  Also if there are outside callers who should have access to a conference room they can be transferred by the receptionist by using an office phone like the SPA-500 series.

Transfer with SPA

Transfer with SPA series phone:

While on a call:
1. Press the ‘xfer’ soft-key that should show up on the far right of the display.
2. Dial a number to transfer to; that number can be internal or external.
3. Press the same ‘xfer’ button to complete the transfer.

You can perform step 3 before or after the person answers the call so you may give that person a warning who you are transferring to them.  If the person you are transferring the call to doesn’t want the call you may press the red line button to return to that call.

Call Pickup

Use Call Pickup when you aren’t at the ringing phone you want to answer.

1. Hear the phone ringing that you want to answer
2. Dial 7 + extension number

Example: If extension 400 is ringing and the person wants to answer 400 without running over to pick up the handset press 7400 ‘Dial’ and you will intercept the call on the ringing phone from any other phone in the office.