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Remote Extension vs Remote Backup

Remote Extensions

Telemojo brings the complete set of features to mobile phones, home phones or any other existing phone service. For the most part the phones mostly used as remote extensions are mobile phones. By integrating your mobile phone you will be able to use the Telemojo phone system features  with other remote extensions and regular office phones. This allows for users to have a completely mobile phone system with features like call transfer, call record, voicemail to email, conference calls of 4+ people and all while keeping your mobile phone number private.

Have a look at our mobile demonstration so see how something as basic as a flip phone can use business system features without apps.

Remote Backups

Remote backups are phones that are associated to your extension so if your business has an internet or power outage your calls with automatically route to your mobile phone that is registered with your extension.

For example your mobile phone will become the backup phone to your desk phone.

Mobile phone backup

This feature is a service that can be implemented when users need a backup strategy if the phones in the office go offline or otherwise fail. This will cause all calls that are directed to a phone that is no longer registered on the system and a pre-determined mobile or other phone number will be called to cover for the disconnected phone.