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Business Number Spam

Since mid 2022 the big 3 mobile phone service providers in the US have been trying to give their customers generic information to their customers about the number that are calling them.

Unfortunately, these restrictions could label friends and legitimate business as SPAM LIKELY or TELEMARKETER if you don’t have them saved in your phone contact list.

If your number is showing up as SPAM on your customer’s phone when you call them go through the different registration pages that report to AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon that could remove a SPAM distinction from your legitimate business phone number.


AT&T uses HiYa to track reports of numbers being problematic. Below is a link to submit a request to have a DID entry corrected:


T-Mobile has its own portal for customers to report an issue with how a DID is being displayed. Below is their link:

Report Improperly Identified Calls


Verizon has its own portal for reporting issues with DIDs:

Verizon voice spam feedback

Textable install and login

Go to the Appstore (apple) or Playstore (android)
Search ‘textable’ and choose one of the two following search terms

Download to install the Texable app

This is what the app listing looks like on Appstore

Login to Textable App

You will be provided login credentials and that is all you will need to access the unified inbox for text messages to any numbers you would like to send and receive messages on.

Add New CISCO SPA Phone

TM Cisco SPA setup
Go from one tab to the next in the following order to setup SPA series phone.

  1. Press the Menu button and dial ‘9’ to see the IP address of the phone then go to computer and type the IP address of the phone into an Internet browser
  2. If you see the login for the phone where you will use the admin credentials. This is not a default setting for the phone so you should see the status page first thing.
  3. Once you see the status page you will need to look to the top right of the phones configuration page and click “Admin Login” and then click “advanced” to get access to all the configurable tabs for the phone.

3b. Click the System tab then add the following to the Primary NTP Server and Secondary NTP Server: (can use 0.-3.)

  1. Click the SIP tab then scroll or ‘Find’ to the “RTP Packet Size” under the RTP Parameters section of the tab. Change the information to “0.020” it probably reads 0.030 by default.
  2. Optional: Click the Regional tab then scroll or ‘Find’ to the “Time Zone” and change that and depending on the firmware of the phone you will need to add the following line to the “Daylight Saving Time Rule”.
  3. Click the Phone tab to change the Station and Display name to whatever is interesting or relevant. The important part is to add the Voice Mail Number “*98” to the field. That is star, nine, eight.
  4. The most important part is adding the extension properly by clicking the Ext 1 tab. First thing to change is the SIP Transport under the SIP Settings section. The default is UDP which should be changed to “TCP” in the drop down menu.
  5. Staying in the Ext 1 tab you will need to scroll down to the Proxy and Registration section and change the following lines:
    Proxy: [this is the server domain or IP address]
    Register Expires: 100
  6. Staying in the Ext 1 tab you will need to scroll down to the Subscriber Information and change the following lines:
    User ID: [this is the unique extension to every phone]
    Password: [this is usually the same across an installation but doesn’t need to be]
  7. Optional: Staying in the Ext 1 tab you should change the dial plan in the Dial Plan field in the Dial Plan section. Copy the below line into the Dial Plan field: