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Voicemail Menu Navigation

To access your voicemail:
Press the mail button on your phone or dial ” *98 ”
Dial your 3 digit extension number
Dial your password (default is ‘1234’)

Main Menu:
Play New Msgs – 1
Play Saved Msgs – 2
Settings Menu – 5

Listening VM Menu:
Listen to msg – 1
Save msg – 2
Pause – 0
Rewind Msg – 4
Fast Forward – 6
Delete Msg – 7
Forward msg – 9

Settings menu
Record Greeting – 1
Choose Greeting – 2
Record Name – 3
Change Password – 6
Back to Main Menu – 0

Recording new Auto Attendant greeting

This feature doesn’t exist at this time. All greetings for voicemail, auto attendant, IVR menu and other greetings will be applied by us.

Contact Us

Note: Not all extensions are set to be able to record these greetings.  By default extension 400 will be allowed to record the greeting.

Dial ‘## 8000’ press Send/Dial (if menu 8000 is the one you want to record) to be connected to the automated system.  You will have 3 choices:

Press 1 to record a new greeting
Press 2 to exit the system
Press 9 to restore the original recording (hidden option)

If you press 1 the system will let you record a new greeting, listen to the new recording and accept the recording.  You must accept the greeting to save it and overwrite the current greeting.

If you press 2 the system will thank you and hang up.

If you press 9 the original/generic greeting will be the new greeting.

Note:  The default menus are 8000 for day menu and 8001 for night menu.  Night menu plays before 9am and after 5pm in your local time by default.  Please contact us to change when needed.