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the new fusion platform

Server Faxing

Go to the fax server with your internet browser:

Once logged in you’ll see your fax server represented by an extension.
Click the ‘New’ text label shown in the below picture.

The below image shows what you will see to create a ‘new’ fax transmission. The only fields that are required are outlined in RED.

NOTE: If you don’t fill out HEADER, SUBJECT or MESSAGE sections there will be no system fax cover page so if you already have a header or cover page then don’t fill out HEADER, SUBJECT or MESSAGE sections.

Hands-free Intercom

To call intercom someone within your organization and give them the ability to answer without having to pickup the phone.

1. Dial 8 + extension number [eg. 8400]
2. Press ‘Dial’/’Send’

Once you press ‘Dial’ the phone you called will be engaged and you can talk to the other person.  The other person won’t have to touch the phone to talk back.

Sometimes the receiver of the intercom call will have to press ‘0’ to unmute their mic and talk back.

Note:  This can only be done with a office phone set like the SPA series from Cisco or Yealink phone.

Conference Room

Every system has access to one conference room by default which can be dialed directly from an extension and any caller can be transferred to the default conference room.  To create a conference room dial 3000, ‘Dial’/’Send’ button.   You will join the conference room and you will hear an announcement that you are the only person in this conference.

Anyone else on the system can join by dialing the same conference room number.  Also if there are outside callers who should have access to a conference room they can be transferred by the receptionist by using an office phone like the SPA-500 series.

If you require more rooms or would like to have different types of access just let us know and we will build it for you. It doesn’t cost anything extra.

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Call Recording

1. Dial *2 while on a call to start recording the conversation.

The recording will stop if a call is transferred, diverted or interrupted in any way.  To resume recording dial *2 at anytime.

The recordings will be kept on the servers and available upon request via email.


Blind Transfer

You need to be on a call to use this feature.  Once on a call:

1. Dial *1, then the extension number
2. Hang up

Note:  A blind transfer is used when you want to transfer a call to an extension and you have no need for giving the person you are transferring the call to a warning about who is on the line for them.  To be able to warn someone of the person you are transferring to them use Call Transfer sometimes called Attended Transfer

Voicemail Transfer

You need to be on a call to use this feature.   Using this feature will transfer a call directly to a user’s voicemail box.  Once on a call:

1. Dial *9 (star, 9) + 3-digit extension and #.
2. The call will go directly the the extension voicemail box and will not ring at the extension.

This feature is useful to use either when you know someone doesn’t want to be disturbed or you know someone isn’t around to answer their phone.

Call Park

Call Park or Hold:

The nature of IP based phone systems doesn’t allow for the usual hold that people have gotten used to with traditional phone systems.  The way we accommodate the hold function is with Call Park.

1. Press *7 and the system will give you a bin number starting with 7001.

2. To retrieve the call from any system phone dial the bin number
eg. 7001, Press ‘Dial’

After using this feature awhile you will realize you won’t need to wait for the automated system to give you the bin number although if your office is receiving high call volume then it is advised to wait for the specific bin number of the call you just parked.  The bin numbers will range from 7001 to 7009 and beyond as needed.