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Conference Room (outside callers)

You need to be on a call to use this feature.  Once on a call:

1. Dial *1, then the conference room number (any number between 3000-3019)
2. Hang up
3. Local extensions can join the same room if needed or more outsides callers can be transferred to the same conference room.

Note:  A blind transfer (*1) is used when you want to transfer a call to digits with more than 3 digits. Using Attended Transfer (*2) will not work because *2 is limited to 3 digit and conference rooms are 4 digits.

Voicemail Menu Navigation

To access your voicemail:
Press the mail button on your phone or dial ” *98 ”
Dial your 3 digit extension number
Dial your password (default is ‘1234’)

Main Menu:
Play New Msgs – 1
Play Saved Msgs – 2
Settings Menu – 5

Listening VM Menu:
Listen to msg – 1
Save msg – 2
Pause – 0
Rewind Msg – 4
Fast Forward – 6
Delete Msg – 7
Forward msg – 9

Settings menu
Record Greeting – 1
Choose Greeting – 2
Record Name – 3
Change Password – 6
Back to Main Menu – 0

Conference Call (self initiated)

There are many ways to initiate and create conference rooms.  The quickest way to initiate a conference room is to dial *3 while you are on a call.

To add more people to your conference room:
1. Press *3 to create a conference room for yourself and the current caller.
2. To add another caller to conference room, hang up on existing conference room and call someone else.  While on call with the other person press *3 again and you and the new caller will join the previous caller in conference room created earlier.
3. To add more people repeat step 2.  While you are adding callers to conference room the callers in the room will be able to talk.

Note: The conference room range of 3000 combined with the extension you’re using.  For example if you are using extension 400 the conference room that will be created when you dial *3 is 3400.

Conference Room

Every system has access to one conference room by default which can be dialed directly from an extension and any caller can be transferred to the default conference room.  To create a conference room dial 3000, ‘Dial’/’Send’ button.   You will join the conference room and you will hear an announcement that you are the only person in this conference.

Anyone else on the system can join by dialing the same conference room number.  Also if there are outside callers who should have access to a conference room they can be transferred by the receptionist by using an office phone like the SPA-500 series.

If you require more rooms or would like to have different types of access just let us know and we will build it for you. It doesn’t cost anything extra.

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Transfer with SPA

Transfer with SPA series phone:

While on a call:
1. Press the ‘xfer’ soft-key that should show up on the far right of the display.
2. Dial a number to transfer to; that number can be internal or external.
3. Press the same ‘xfer’ button to complete the transfer.

You can perform step 3 before or after the person answers the call so you may give that person a warning who you are transferring to them.  If the person you are transferring the call to doesn’t want the call you may press the red line button to return to that call.

Voicemail Retrieval

To check voicemail locally:

1. Dial *98 or 4000, enter the mailbox, press #.
2. Enter password, press #.
3. Listen for automated system for further instructions to navigate while in the voicemail system.

To check voicemail remotely:

1. Dial into the IVR or automated system and dial *98 and wait to be prompted to enter your ID which is your extension/mailbox number.
2. Dial your 3 digit extension, press #.
3. Dial your password, press #.
4. Listen for automated system for further instructions to navigate while in the voicemail system.

Cisco SPA series

If you’re using the Cisco SPA series phones they are similar to using other IP phones.  The easiest way to think of using these phones is the way you use your cell phone.  You can dial and interact with the phone before you pickup the handset or go off-hook to use the speaker phone.

Dial a number and then press ‘Dial’ or go off-hook.  You can use an IP phone the traditional way where you would pickup the handset and then dial but there are sometimes confusing delays when dialing a phone number that way.

If the phone has a display you will see a row of soft-key along the bottom row of the display and they will change according to the features you will have available to you depending on the state of the phone.  For example the options the soft-keys will show will be different if you are on a call or not on a call.  They will also be different if you are waiting to transfer a call.

Any ol’Phone

Telemojo is configured to allow the use of any phone including the ones you might have around your home.  To enable these phones to work with an IP based phone system you will need a analog telephone adapter which costs around $55.

You and your company can use just about any phone.  You can use office phones, home phones, mobile phone (no app needed) and other existing phones using other services.