F. A. Q.

What is Telemojo?

Telemojo is a managed business-class phone service that provides dial-tone and the features of a traditional phone system.  The costs are per user – per month with all calls (in North America) and features included.

What is a managed phone service like Telemojo?

Being a managed service means you won’t need to learn how to setup or change settings for the features and functionality.  If there is a change in the way you want Telemojo to answer your phone calls you will be able to call or write what you want to change and we will implement the changes.

What sorts of things would I want to change once we have the Telemojo phone system?

Not much as we have attempted to fill the needs of 99% of users based on years of experience with customers and what most companies want their system to do.

Sometimes there is a need to add, remove or change automated menus.  Sometimes there are personnel changes and name change in the directory.

How would I request to make a change to our Telemojo phone system?

The fastest way would be to email us at info@telemojo.com or if you would rather talk it out to find the best way to get your desired result call 888-336-3695 option 5.

How do I keep the company phone number we have had for years?

There are a few ways to get this done.  The best and most cost effective way is to port your number over to Telemojo.  You will still remain in control of your number.

What are some of the challenges before signing up with the Telemojo service?

The only hurdle for a conventional installation is the quality and stability of your company’s internet service.  If you want our mobile only service this isn’t an issue at all.  Most people want a traditional install for their company.  Please take advantage of our free trial to make sure our quality of service is up to your standards.

What type phones can I use with the Telemojo service?

You and your company can use just about any phone.  You can use office phones, home phones, mobile phone (no app needed) and other existing phones using other services.

If I use something like a basic flip phone, can I still access the advanced features of the Telemojo system, like call transferring calls?

Yes, we have built Telemojo to use any mobile or existing phone on another service and still retain the system features.  For example if a caller gets transferred to you by the auto attendant or real attendant you can transfer the call back, transfer to voice mail or transfer to someone else on the system better suited to handle that call.

What is a remote extension?

Telemojo brings the complete set of features to mobile phones, home phones or any other existing phone service. For the most part the phones mostly used as remote extensions are mobile phones. By integrating your mobile phone you will be able to use the Telemojo phone system features  with other remote extensions and regular office phones. This allows for users to have a completely mobile phone system with features like call transfer, call record, voicemail to email, conference calls of 4+ people and all while keeping your mobile phone number private.

What will I see on the call report?

Updated: 2018-06-25. The company providing us caller data has gone out of business so this feature will not be available with all the details as previously offered. The basic information like call start time, duration and Caller ID information will still be provided. The names and addresses will not.

The call reports are delivered daily, after business hours. They are in PDF format. They will show the name, address, phone number, time and date of call, call duration and whether the call was incoming or outgoing.

Do you provide fax services?

We do provide Fax to Email and Email to Fax services. Please visit faxmojo.com for a bit more information. It is just faxing moved into a paperless environment that is sent and delivered via Email.

What is TM SMS?

With Telemojo you are now able to send and receive SMS text messages. This will allow your entire company to interact with your customers using text messaging. This is a very important feature in dealing with people under 35 year old, expand your ability to interact with more customers at once and expand the use of your company’s main phone number. That’s right, you can use your existing voice number to receive and send SMS text messages.