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Unleash the Power of Seamless and Integrated Communication and Boost Your Sales Funnel For $24/user/mo*
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(pricing of $24 is per phone extension. price negotiable based on usage)

Get Connected, Stay Reachable, Grow Your Sales

Businesses that answer the phone faster gain a significant edge. Empower your team to answer customer calls promptly, saving time and improving satisfaction. Never miss a call, no matter where you are or what device you’re on.

Automated Call/SMS Routing

Seamlessly connect calls & texts To the right person on your team, or your whole team! Answer the call stop the scroll.

Custom Voice Recordings

We’ll record, and program an Auto Attendant (Automated voice response system and menu)

Mobile & Remote Extensions

Seamlessly integrate mobile & desktop extensions so you and your team never miss a call again.

Call Center Services

Choose to use our call center services. We’ll answer the phone for you, answer customer inquiries, and close sales.

Never Miss A Call, Stay Reachable Anywhere

Never miss a call, or waste an opportunity. Our custom call routing feature ensures the perfect match between caller and receiver, effortlessly managed by our expert tech team. No tech expertise needed.

See what our customers say

“I no longer worry about missed calls or unanswered messages. Their reliable, fast, and personalized service has become an integral part of my business. The flat rate for unlimited calls is a game-changer. It's value for money, and then some!”
Jack Hooper
Financial Planner
"Telemojo has transformed the way we communicate. Their customer service is unmatched, and their platform has made our business operations smoother and more efficient. We couldn't ask for more!”
Charles Farr
Computer Consultant

What's Included?

Anything you need, we got you covered.

DEFINITELY! Elevate your business with confidence. Any phone can seamlessly integrate into our system.
ABSOLUTELY! Seamlessly connect through an all-mobile phone setup or unleash the combined power of mobile and desktop phones.
YES! Integrate your messaging strategy, captivating customers and prospects with the convenience and reliability they need.
FOR SURE! Effortlessly bridge the gap between locations. Instantly route your calls to any phone, equipped with service and a phone number, in a matter of seconds.
YES! From on-site installation, to maintenance and support, we’ve got your covered every step of the way.

Get Connected Stay Connected

Make every call count in a world of digital noise. Responding promptly increases your business’ chances to be the preferred service, product or solution provider, always.

Cost-Efficiency Like No Other

In an era of “digital noise” and “endless scrolling,” make your voice heard. Make every call count. Optimize your sales funnel and customer experience for just $24 per month* per line for unlimited calls in the US and Canada.

Focus on What Matters, We'll Handle the Rest

You don’t have to worry about anything. Our expert tech team takes care of all the maintenance and configuration, nationwide. freeing you to focus on what really matters – your business

Ready to Elevate Your Business Communication?

Take a step in revolutionizing your communication strategy. Set up a call with us today and discover how Telemojo transforms your communication into a powerful asset.

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