Have it Your Way!

99% of the features and services you will want are already built-in. For those who want a little most just send us a message or call us to tell us what else you want your Telemojo phones to start doing. Our clients won’t need to learn a new platform or new software to make changes […]

Transfers Anywhere!

Whether you are in the office or not, if your phone is a part of Telemojo you can transfer the call to the appropriate person even if that person it out of the office accessible by mobile, home or vacation spot. You’re using Telemojo, that call will get to whoever and wherever it needs to!

New SMS functionality

We are working on bringing our clients the ability to expand their communication to their customers via SMS (text messaging). If you haven’t noticed anyone in their 20s or younger would rather than pick up the phone or initiate voice calls. It is easier to be able to multi-task via text. The other side to […]

No Contracts!

No, we don’t force our clients to be in business with us. Our clients use the services they want for as long as we are doing our job and providing a superior product and experience. If you don’t like the services for any reason you just go back to how it was before Telemojo.