Business Communication Systems

Unlimited Voice Calling and Text Messaging

For one flat rate get all features and custom configuration done by us for your team.

Telemojo is more than just a service provider; we're your strategic partner by connecting you to the world. Using the phone number you've used for years we'll enable text messaging that is essential to communicating with more customers.

Voice Calls

Good ol'Fashioned phone calls where a lot of business still gets done even though the conversations are usually starting in text through email, direct text messages or website chat widgets.

Text Calls

Whether or not you noticed your primary business number is probably receiving messages directly from potential customers. If you are not setup to receive you're missing important communication.

Chat Widgets

Communicate in real-time with your new and existing customers with a chat widgets to enable a channel to invite interested customers to start a conversation with your company about your products and services.

What do you get?

The phones you expect to see in offices. Choose the office phones that work best for your business.
You can use an all mobile phone system or mix mobile and desktop phones. They all have the same features and functions.
Send and receive text messages on your main business phone number or any published number.
We can deliver your calls to any phone that has service and a phone number in seconds. Just let us know!
Please check out the complete list of features CLICK HERE
“With Telemojo, I no longer worry about missed calls or unanswered messages. Their reliable, fast, and personalized service has become an integral part of my business. The flat rate for unlimited calls is a game-changer. It's value for money, and then some!”
Jack Hooper
Financial Planning

Our platform is designed with flexibility and customization in mind, effortlessly adapting to your unique business needs. With Telemojo, your communication infrastructure becomes a dynamic, unified entity, ensuring that no call goes unanswered, no message gets lost, and no opportunity is missed.

With our custom call routing feature, you’ll be able to distribute incoming calls effectively, making sure the right person gets the right call at the right time. And the best part? All these features come without the headache of maintenance or configuration. Telemojo’s expert tech team manages it all for you.

Don’t let your customers wait. It’s time to ‘Answer the call and stop the scroll’. Research suggests businesses that respond faster have a significant edge over their competition. Telemojo empowers your entire team to answer customer calls and queries promptly, saving you valuable time and improving customer satisfaction.

In an era of digital noise and endless scrolling, make your voice heard. Make every call count. With a flat rate for unlimited calls in the US and Canada, Telemojo offers cost-efficiency like no other.

“Telemojo has transformed the way we communicate. Their customer service is unmatched, and their platform has made our business operations smoother and more efficient. We couldn't ask for more!”
Charles Farr
Computer Consultant