Remote Phone Access

Communication is one of the largest components of any business. Being able to connect with customers and to have an open line of communication where customers can contact you at any time is essential. While having access to your office phone 24/7 would be ideal, for the remote worker or the worker that is away from the office, this is not always an option. There is a solution however in remote extensions.

What is a Remote Extension?

Remote extensions put quite simply is being able to access your phone no matter where you are. This means that phone calls that are made to your physical landline at the office are sent to your cellular device so that calls can be answered no matter where you are, even when you are not in the office. A remote extension is essentially an extension of your landline or physical phone to your cellular device or other mobile communication device so that you can answer your phone wherever you are. With a remote extension, each time a phone call is made, as many phones as possible are ringing to help businesses avoid missed calls and get back to customers more promptly.

Are Remote Extensions Expensive?

 Remote extensions are something that many companies are moving toward in an attempt to make sure that their clients are able to reach them even when they are in the field or may be away from their desk or landline phone. A remote extension has the potential to work with existing hardware or with hardware that is provided by your telecommunication company at one flat rate.  Remote extensions can save you money and time and can be installed quickly and managed all by the same telecommunication company.

A fantastic benefit of a remote extension is that you can keep the overall costs of your communication down by using devices you already have in place, by paying one monthly fee, and by having all your telecommunication needs taken care of by one company. Buying multiple cell phones, giving clients several different numbers they should call, and trying to make the use of cell phones and landlines work, is simply not necessary. A remote extension has the ability to make contacting your company and staying in touch with clients far simpler and far more effective.

Why Are Remote Extensions so Helpful?

There are a few reasons that a remote extension is helpful but the first is simply that it allows you to stay in contact far better no matter where you might be. If you have agents that are out in the field often or you may conduct business after typical business hours, on the weekends, or while you are at home, a remote extension is going to allow your customers and clients to use one phone number to reach you and is going to greatly improve their chances of being able to contact you even when you may not be at the office. This is a wonderful option for real estate agents, contractors, outside sales and so much more.

If you have a business that would benefit from a remote extension contact us today to see what options are available to you and what might work for your particular needs.