No Contracts with Flex Pricing

Contracts And Price Differences In Telephone Features

Despite the onslaught of communication being delivered through email, chat, or text, telephone services are still essential for customer communication. There are features available, however, to accommodate this type of communication and expand upon its features to stay competitive in terms of communication. Businesses review and alter their phone services on average every 5-7 years as new features are made available, and this is essential to stay competitive. 

There are two things for businesses to review and consider when seeking out new phone services: contract and pricing.


Anytime a contract is required, a portion of freedom is retracting from that business for that service. This is no different in the telephone industry, as some providers want a minimum year requirement for their services. Once a business is locked in a contract, they are unable to leave without some form of penalty, despite any issues they may have with the service they are receiving. At Telemojo, our services do not require a contract, as we believe we provide quality features and services for our customers that will allow them to be successful in their own business.


Pricing within the telephone industry can vary depending on the service. When you are seeking out what prices may be for a feature, there are several factors that determine prices.

  • Number of Phones
  • Number of Locations
  • Type of Phone

You must first consider the number of phones in which the feature will be applied. A price per extension will be determined based upon the company, which should include equal features. Also, it is important to consider the number of locations for your business if you operate in multiple areas. Having to do installations in multiple locations can be more expensive than multiple extensions in one location. 

Once you have determined these numbers, also consider the types of phones you will be using, whether they are landlines or mobile. The installation on mobile phones is more affordable, as there are fewer cords to and actually connecting to beyond network connections. Utilizing mobile phones for businesses is a growing feature that allows businesses to connect with customers while in the field or outside of office hours when the calls are transferred to their mobile phones. This feature promotes customer service and is in demand for businesses today.

At Telemojo, the prices are associated with the features, at a per phone rate. 

1. Extension Costs

For each extension included in the service, a flat rate of $24 monthly is the cost. However, this price allows that extension and the other purchased extensions to include a variety of features. Some of these features include the following:

  • Auto Attendant
  • Music Hold Message
  • Call Transfer/ Parking/Recording
  • Conferencing Availability
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Virtual Call Center
  • Unlimited Calls in the U.S. and Canada.

All of these features are equally available for the extensions provided, allowing immediate use of them for your business once the purchase is made. 

2. Remote Extension

This feature is also available for mobile phones at Telemojo for an additional monthly fee of $12. In order to apply these features to mobile phones, there must be a minimum of three phones receiving the service. However, additional mobile phones will not incur additional fees. With the growing need to answer telephones quickly before the customers have an opportunity to contact a competitor, the need for this extension is a growing feature for our customers. 

If you are currently looking for a phone service provider and could benefit from features offered at Telemojo, contact us to get your business set up. Our associates will ensure that you receive a thorough training of your features and how to use them for maximizing your business’ customer service.