Mobile Phone System

How Your Business Can Benefit From Remote Extension

Having a phone system in place is essential to businesses as it enables them to pursue their goals while having an efficient communication. Whether it is in between offices, or the agents outside of it, or for keeping the calls internal and private, there is a new feature that can make the process so much easier.

Maybe a feature that’s a bit overlooked sometimes, but the remote extension can improve the communication in your company. You’re going to read more about the technical aspect of it, but also about what it actually can do for your business.

Tell Me More About The Remote Extension

You want your business to grow and make the journey as smooth as possible, and that is normally what every entrepreneur or CEO wants. Looking ahead, the people, services, phones, the deals and the products, they can make your business grow and you want to make it easy for everyone in your teams.

Something as easy as having a remote extension can change your business life in so many ways. What it does and what Telemojo does is bring a complete set of features to any sort of phone you have in your company. To name a few, you can have auto attendant, music on hold, private lines and transfers and the best part is, for any sort of change you want to make, we make it for you.

Maintenance and programming is included in your regular monthly charge so you don’t have to worry about anything, you can just text your request and it will be handled. But that is not all. Keep reading to see how much more features it has and how your business can benefit from remote extension.

A Mobile Phone System With All Functionalities

Having an entirely mobile phone system with features such as call transfers, call records, voicemail to email, and conference calls is an essential part of the business. It can improve work efficiency and make the communication run smoothly between departments, agents and clients. It’s basically a dream environment for your internal and external comms. You can have all the advantages of the classic phone office service, only that now you can also have it mobile.

Mobility For Your Business

One of the many elements that are part of the evolution of a business, alongside speed, productivity and offerings, is mobility. It’s also the one thing we seek in our day to day jobs and what can make our targets achievable in a shorter amount of time. You need to find the plan that works for your business and sometimes, it can come just as easy as adding a remote extension to your phone system.

It can become hard sometimes to keep your employees and agents connected to your hub and office while they’re on the road, having client meetings or trying to close deals. But whether you need your employees, contractors, or real estate agents to be connected to your office when they’re not even there, or whether you need to transfer incoming calls from mobile phones to the headquarters, you can benefit from the remote extension all while keeping your mobile phone private.

Put more simply into words, by having a remote extension you can have all the features and services for your communications you ever wanted for your company without having someone in the office make necessary changes or take care of the whole system. It’s as simple as that!

We know how important the evolution of your business is and we will share more on our blog about what types of services to use, pros and cons, trends, and tips and tricks for enabling your business. We hope you found this article useful, you can find more here.