Effective Communication for Real Estate Agencies

Why Communication Matters in Real Estate Companies

One of the biggest concern of companies that need to close sales on a daily basis and increase their leads is that they need to have their agents connected at all times even while they are offline. In this article we’re going to talk about how to keep your agents connected while they are on the field and improve your clients relationships.

Why Is Communication Important in Real Estate Agencies

When a buyer is about to make a purchase, or when a deal is about to be made, it’s vital that realtors don’t miss that opportunity. In order to do this, the communication between realtors, brokers and clients must be smooth and valuable. One of the best ways to ensure this is to use a remote extension and a system offered by Telemojo.

Facilitating the communication between the agents and the buyers is usually the number one priority for real estate companies. So you can keep abreast of trends and opt for a full feature mobile communication system. But that is not all, in order to know why communication matters in real estate agencies, you must also make use of a variety of tools.

Using Multiple Channels To Reach Your Goals

We live in an era where if someone sees a house online, in photos or a video of it on Youtube, they might be more inclined to buy it. Nowadays, people are endlessly scrolling through Pinterest feeds of perfect decorated rooms, and searching for that specific sofa for their living room, and they can find it in a second.

As a real estate agency, you must always be ahead and lead the customer into the world of options where you position yourself as the expert to help them find exactly what they want. In order to do so, you must be aware of all channels that are available to you, from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and more recently, Tik Tok, the newest social media platform.

Studies have shown that businesses who only rely on email marketing achieve only 20% of their targets. Instead, when using a mix of email marketing with social media, corporate intranet, meetings and PR, they can achieve up to 100% of their targets.

Keep Consistent in Your Communications

When it comes to planning, there are so many hurdles and challenges, especially for smaller independent real estate agencies over national ones. Within a smaller space where employees always have access to the office via remote extensions when they’re away or can always connect to the main leader, communication can be smoother. Withing large networks it might be harder to keep all communications in place, but there are services that can help you through it.

Besides the communication between your teams and customers, your brand communications must always stay consistent. The key is to have built-in flexibility while making sure every member of the team and every outside person knows what your brand is about, and what it identifies with. Whether it’s a press release, article, social media post, review, ad, to the way your agents talk and your office looks, each part of the communication needs to be consistent.

Communication matters in real estate agencies because it’s what it can bring success or it decrease its revenue. So keep in mind that you need to have a well put in place communications systems, that offers mobility to employees, keep ahead of the curve, make use of all channels, and keep the same line and brand identity throughout.