Answer Those Calls

Why You Need To Answer Those Incoming Calls

Business owners in 2019 are quickly discovering the importance of immediate communication. With a society that is driven on convenience and the need for quick turn around, the need for accessible and efficient communication is more important than ever. A quick Google search may prioritize your business due to quality SEO of your content, but your lack of customer service may have them moving on down the Google search to the next available business. Those incoming calls are essential to your business and you need to answer them.

By not having the right steps in place to answer these calls or quickly return their message, your business will be at a loss of the following:

  • A customer to a competitor and
  • Wasted funds on marketing and ads for business promotion. 

These two losses can significantly damage your business, and in local communities, develop a reputation that you are not available for customers. No amount of ads and marketing can outweigh a person’s word to their friends and family regarding their experience with your business. 

In order to maximize the number of calls being answered and return messages efficiently, there are three steps your business can take to reduce the losses of customers and marketing funds. 

1. Remote Extensions

A remote extension for your business is simply the ability to answer your business line beyond the business perimeter and wherever you are located. If you have left the office for the evening, you can have any calls that are incoming into the office directed to your cellular device or landline at home so that you may answer the call immediately. This is a simple process that done either on a timer or a manual switch to have the calls deferred to this line. You can also have the calls come into your cellular device at all times to ensure that calls are being adequately answered, and as many phones are ringing as possible for customer service maximization.

2. Linking Voicemail to Email

Sometimes a call goes unanswered on your business line, your customer will most often leave a voicemail with their inquiry and a call back number. When you link your voicemail to your email, the voicemail will be sent in an email as an MP3 file to the designated email account. From your cellular device, you will be able to listen to the voicemail and quickly return the call. This can also be sent to more than one email address, enabling multiple associates to receive this voicemail and the call is returned before the customer can reach out to a competitor.

3. Automated Voice Menus

Many of the phone calls your business receives may be similar in nature regarding content and questions. While it is important to have as many associates answering the phones as available, there is an automated voice menu option for those phone calls that were not answered. The first rule to an automated menu is to keep them simple. If your menu is complex, that too will only increase the aggravation of the customer. You may have the menu at the beginning of the call, allowing them the option to reach out to a representative or at the end of the call before directing them to the voicemail.  Would your business benefit from having more phones ringing at once? If you would like to add these features to your business to maximize your customer service, our team will ensure that you have the right tools and understand how to properly operate these features. Contact us today to get started.