10 Ways Telemojo Transforms Your Phones

Do you know what all major, scalable corporations have in common? The answer is that they all use a Virtual Call Center (VCC). You might assume that they implemented their VCC after reaching a certain size or level of success. But the truth is that is the early installation of a VCC that makes companies like Amazon, eBay, and other major successes what they are.

Having a VCC eliminates the critical bottleneck through which customers must come in order to receive service. By opening up your customer service bandwidth, you will start serving more people and will grow your company more than ever before.

Of course, not all VCCs are created equal. So we want to share the top ten reasons Telmojo is the clear choice.

10 Ways Telemojo Transforms Your Phone Into a Full-Service Call Center

1. A Huge Amount of Useful Features

With all the features of a full-service call center, you will serve more customers, boost customer satisfaction, and make more sales.

  • With Telmojo, your VCC will include;
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call Pickup
  • Call Recording
  • Conference Calls
  • Dial by Directory
  • Intercom and Transfer
  • Private Line
  • Ring Groups
  • Voicemail
  • And more…

2. Instant Scalability

With your full-service virtual call center, you’ll no longer be limited by the number of calls one person is able to take. You’ll be serving customers at a rate that is on par with demand- not the number of lines available. We hope you’re ready to grow your business because Telmojo is all about scalability.

3. Better Decision Making

Combine automated reporting and real-time monitoring with the power to optimize dialer and center settings for more effective management. Your customers will appreciate better response times, fewer to zero timeouts, intelligent scripts, as well as advanced ordering tools and options.

4. Faster, Easier Deployment

Forget about setting up a massive call center, training a dozen customer service agents and paying through the nose to keep the lights on. Simply install the software, optimize your settings and let us take care of the rest.

5. The Power of Mobile

Give your customers the ability to reach you any time and anywhere with full mobile compatibility. With Telmojo mobile, you get;

  • Call Bridging
  • Mobile Transfer
  • Outside Transfers
  • Log Out – Log In
  • Remote Backup
  • Voicemail To Email

6. Real-Time Call Center Monitoring

Achieve full-spectrum situational awareness of all your customer service agents interactions across all sites. Grow your agent team on demand as your company grows.

7. Reduced Operating Costs

With Telmojo, you can forgo the cost and effort in building your own call center by outsourcing to us. Our teams and tools come fully trained and optimized to give you maximum value right now. You only need to call.

8. The Power of Remote Agents

Say goodbye to the limitations of local call centers with our flexible, teams and systems. Adjust your agent pool to suit your needs or integrate our team with yours.

9. Better Security

We add an extra layer of security to every business we serve. By employing advanced encryption software and adhering to industry best practices, scammers have to get through us before they can attack you.

10. Better Productivity and Customer Relations

Say goodbye to leaving customers unattended to. Your customers will get the service they need quickly and efficiently, making them far more likely to come back.

The rise of digital technology means more and more services and functions are able to be outsourced, saving companies like yours time, money, and real estate. We can’t think of a better example than implementing a virtual call center to reach more people, serve more customers, and make more sales.

Get in touch today to learn how Telmojo can set your business on high gear.